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Meet the Y3-4 teachers 2017-18

A brief summary of key information for years 3 and 4 based on the 'Meet the Teachers' meetings in school.

Spring 1

Year 3-4 had an amazing day with Mr Egypt. We touched some real Egyptian artefacts that were thousands of years old, learned about ancient Egyptian maths and dance, then we even mummified a few volunteers! Many thanks to our brilliant PTA for funding this! 
Year 4 CT Bread Making with Warburtons

We had great fun making bread with the bakers from Warburtons today! We tasted some different types of bread, then kneaded some dough to make our own bread rolls. Our classroom smells delicious and we can't wait for the taste test of our own bread. Yummy!

Our fantastic displays!

Our fantastic classroom displays showing just some of the work so far. A great start to the new school year!

  • Year 3/4

  • Autumn 1 2017
    Here you will see us acting out our playscripts we have read in class. Our audience gave their opinion about our performances.

    Mayan headdresses

    We've been busy today making Mayan headdresses from our design plans. Each of them represents an animal and Mayans believed this would help them to have the powers of that creature! Many of us have crossed our eyes because this was an important sign of beauty for Mayans! Don't forget to call in after school on Tuesday 27th June to see the rest of our Mayan learning.


    Year 3/4 made carrot cars as part of their PHSE lesson.

    Buckden Residential 2017

    We all had an amazing time at Buckden this year. The children were a brilliant team which made the whole visit great fun, even when we had work or walking to do! We had lots of positive comments from the Buckden staff and local residents about our children's behaviour and manners - well done parents! Many thanks to all the adults who came with us - it wouldn't be possible without them volunteering. We hope you enjoy this selection of photos from our visit - lots of smiles... and a few sheep!

    Y4 Buckden Residential 2017

    We can't wait for the Y4 residential (19th to 21st April). Many thanks if you came to the meeting on Monday 13th March, but those of you who couldn't attend should receive a print-out of the slide show. Just call in if you have any extra questions! Thanks for all the completed forms - please return any remaining forms quickly - reminders will be in planners. Here's another copy of the kit list too, but remember to also bring your bears and other fluffy creatures for extra bedtime cuddles - bears are always welcome at Buckden!


    What's going on in Y3-4

    Spring 2 - Enrichment activity

    Year 3/4 made some delicious pizzas. Children also designed these fantastic pizza boxes.

    International Fortnight: India class 3/4

    Namaste! We have had an amazing time in India during the last two weeks. We've cooked curry, done map work, written weather forecast scripts and tourist guides, drawn mehndi patterns, learned about the religions, flag, languages, Bollywood dance moves... I'm sure you've heard all about our fun learning already! After our world tour today we are exhausted, but we've loved the experience. Where will we travel next time?

    Viking Day (Monday 9th January)

    Sigwulf, Arnleif and Frothar came to visit and help us learn about their lives as Vikings. We had an amazing day with lots of us dressing up in Viking costumes. We learned about language, clothing, travel/trade & artefacts, weapons & warfare and even acted out a Norse saga. Brilliant!

    Community project Enrichment Autumn 1

    We have been improving our community garden area at the front of school. We have learned how to do the weeding, dig the soil in the flower beds and plant new seeds. Even when it rained we remembered our community spirit and went to help the Reception class children with their learning!

    Papier mache pencil pots Enrichment Autumn 1

    Designing and making desk tidies using up-cycling skills! This has already got us thinking about Y3 and 4's class topic for next half term: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

    Pneumatics Enrichment group Autumn 1

    We used air movement (pneumatics) to create moving parts in our Design Technology models.

    Pizza making Enrichment group Autumn 1

    We designed and made our own scrumptious pizzas to take home in our fabulous pizza boxes. We can't wait to cook and taste them!

    Y3-4 Spring Newsletter 1

    What's going on this half term, important dates for Y3-4 and how to help.